Class of 1961 Challenge

A donor from the class of 1961 will make a $5,000 gift once the class surpasses the number of alumni donors to the Challenge in 2022 (64)! An additional $5,000 will be unlocked once the class surpasses 19.61% participation (89 donors).

Challenge Unlocked! Congratulations 1961!

Class of 1997 Challenge

Once your class surpasses the number of donors from 2022 (53) you will unlock a $5,000 gift for the Naval Academy from an anonymous classmate. Go ’97!

Class of 1989 Challenge

'89 - you have been challenged again! Last year a donor from your class challenged you to surpass 2021 results and hit 189 donors; with a final 227 donors from your class in 2022 you unlocked $50K for the Academy! You have the same opportunity this year - surpass 227 donors and unlock $25K and hit 289 donors to unlock another $25K!

Class of 1982 Challenge

A gift of $2,582.82 will be unlocked when your Class reaches 182 donors of $10.82+. 

Challenge Unlocked! Congratulations 1982!

Class of 1990 Challenge

To inspire participation in the class, a donor that has already made a participation gift will give $300, once the class reaches 90 donors. If the class can triple that and hit a third of the class participating; the donor will triple his additional gift and make a $1000 gift to the Academy. 

If you'd like to initiate a challenge or matching gift to spark participation in your class please reach out to Gabbie Kulcsar at 410-295-4147.